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Charm Pack
Charm Packs are a pack of 40-42 5"squares from a line of fabric containing 1 piece of fabric from that line usually all different . But may be 2 of the same fabric in a couple of them depending how many different fabrics there were in that line .

Fat Quarter Bundles
Fat quarters each measuring appox. 18"X22" each .

Jelly Rolls
Jelly Rolls contain 42 2 1/2" strips from a line of fabrics .1 strip of each fabric in the line.And maybe 2-3 duplicates depending on how many fabrics were in the line .

Layer Cakes
Layer cakes are 10" squares from a line of fabric . Contain 42 squares. Equivalent to 4 charm packs . All prints different except maybe 2 or3 may be repeats .

Mini Charms
Mini Charms are cute little 2 1/2 " squares all from the same fabric line. You will get 1 of each fabric from the line and usually 2-3 duplicates of a couple of the fabrics .


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Cherry On Top Layer Cake

Layer cake has 40 10" squares

Price:     $ 39.00


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Deer Christmas AB 25 skus

Deer Christmas AB 25 skus

Price:     $ 75.99


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Odds and Ends Mini Charm Pack

Love these little baby charm packs. You receive 42 --2 1/2 " squares . One print from each

Price:     $ 3.80


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Seasonal Little Gatherings

Seasonal Little gatherings by Primitive gatherings . 42 --5" squares

Price:     $ 9.75


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Snowberry Wovens 16 Fat Quarter Bundle

Price:     $ 48.00